Nazi Collaborators

Nazi Collaborators

This series looks at the many people who chose to collaborate with the Nazis. It's a simple question: How could they have done it?
13 Episodes
Nazi Collaborators - Chaim Rumkowski

Chaim Rumkowski

To some Chaim Rumkowski was a man of immense courage. To others he is simply a traitor; a Jew who worked with the Nazis and assisted them in the Final Solution.
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Nazi Collaborators - The Jews Who Fought For Hitler

The Jews Who Fought For Hitler

This is the unexpected story of the Jews who fought for Hitler.
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Nazi Collaborators - The Good Collaborators?

The Good Collaborators?

This episode explores the Finnish Nazi collaborators and dispels the myth they were good collaborators not involved in many war crimes. It details war crimes committed by the Waffen SS Finnish soldiers and explores the depth of the Finnish denial.
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Nazi Collaborators - Pierre Laval

Pierre Laval

Pierre Laval was a French politician who developed a close relationship with Adolf Hitler and proposed that the two countries should collaborate. He is still one of the most detested men in French history.
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Nazi Collaborators - The Croatian Collaborator

The Croatian Collaborator

Dinko Sakic ran one of the most brutal and notorious death camps of World War Two. Between 400,000 and 800,000 people were killed in the name of a free Croatia. The brutality of the crimes appalled even the Nazis.
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Nazi Collaborators - Vidkun Quisling

Vidkun Quisling

Throughout the war, Quisling cruelly oppressed the people of Norway and urged them to fight for Nazi Germany. He even oversaw the execution of dissenters and collaborated in the deportation to Auschwitz of Norwegian Jews
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Nazi Collaborators - The Greek Collaborator

The Greek Collaborator

During the Nazi occupation of Greece, Ioannis Rallis was one of three men who ran the country's Government, effectively a puppet regime installed to do Adolf Hitler's bidding.
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Nazi Collaborators - The Arajs Kommando

The Arajs Kommando

During World War Two, a gang of merciless Latvians rampaged throughout their country on behalf of the Nazi's.
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Nazi Collaborators - The Dutch Collaborator

The Dutch Collaborator

On 10th May 1940 Germany invaded Holland. Hitler's Blitzkreig or lightning war took neutral Holland completely by surprise. Anton Mussert, leader of the right wing national socialist movement, known as the NSB, offered his support to the occupiers.
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Nazi Collaborators - Hitler's Killer Police

Hitler's Killer Police

During the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union the collaborators of Lithuania and the Ukraine became a vital part of Hitler's genocide against the Jews.
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Nazi Collaborators - The Belgian Collaborator

The Belgian Collaborator

In any other age, Leon Degrelle would have been a hero. He was rich, young, charismatic. He ended up however a resolute Nazi Collaborator and soon became embroiled in murder.
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Nazi Collaborators - The IRA Conspiracy

The IRA Conspiracy

Just eight months before the outbreak of World War Two a series of terrorist attacks were felt all over England. This was the work of an Irish terrorist group, The I.R.A. and as war approached, the Nazis took a keen interest in their activities.
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Nazi Collaborators - The Grand Mufti

The Grand Mufti

Of those individuals who have been accused of collaboration with Hitler and the Nazis during World War two, it is perhaps Mohammed Amin al-Husseini who is the most controversial of all.
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