Animal Armageddon

Animal Armageddon

Animal Armageddon brings to life ancient worlds and prehistoric creatures doomed to destruction.
8 Episodes
Animal Armageddon - Death Rays

Death Rays

An insight into the evolution and extinction of Earth's animal life. In this episode, the planet has been plunged into a long ice age and predators in the sea have been destroyed.
Animal Armageddon - The Next Extinction

The Next Extinction

Scientists consider what might happen if an asteroid, like the one that caused dinosaur distinction, were to strike now.
Animal Armageddon - Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

How many species, including ancestors of the human race, were killed when supervolcano Toba erupted 75,000 years ago?
Animal Armageddon - Panic in the Sky

Panic in the Sky

An asteroid 65 million years ago is believed to have caused the extinction of dinosaurs, while tiny mammal scavengers inhabit the earth.
Animal Armageddon - Doomsday


Examining the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago after a comet hit Earth.
Animal Armageddon - The Great Dying

The Great Dying

Investigating the effect of a huge volcanic disaster 250 million years ago, which caused 90 per cent of the Earth's species to die
Animal Armageddon - Strangled


Investigating the effect a blanket of intense heat and toxic gases had on the Earth 200 million years ago, leaving the dinosaurs struggling to survive.
Animal Armageddon - Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth

Exploring how Earth's animal life survived prehistoric natural disasters. Following a volcanic eruption, the first amphibians crawl out of the water and inhabit the land.