Dream Wrecks

Dream Wrecks

Shipwrecks have fascinated us for centuries, with their watery resting places enticing divers to explore our past. Dream Wrecks looks at some of those stories.
5 Episodes
Dream Wrecks - Sunk by a Volcano

Sunk by a Volcano

The eruption of Mount Pelee in the Caribbean killed over 28,000 people, dubbed the worst volcanic disaster of the 20th century. Follow the team as they survey the once-levelled area.
Dream Wrecks - Hollywood Ruins

Hollywood Ruins

Far from the bright lights of Hollywood lies an underwater back lot, an ocean studio where moviemakers find the world's most fantastic wrecks. See the filming locations of some classic movies, including James Bond, Jaws, and Into the Blue.
Dream Wrecks - Bermuda Blues

Bermuda Blues

Bermuda is a gorgeous getaway, but it is not without its tragedies. Many ships have fallen captive to shallow waters and hidden shoals.
Dream Wrecks - Titanic of the Caribbean

Titanic of the Caribbean

Known as the Titanic of the Caribbean, the Bianca C sank to the bottom of the sea after a mysterious explosion caused a widespread fire. Uncovering this secret will be a dangerous task.
Dream Wrecks - Grenada Storms

Grenada Storms

Here in the Caribbean, tropical storms are a way of life. The devastating force of a potential hurricane lies in the warm sea air. See the destruction of hurricanes Ivan and Emily, occurring less than a year apart on the small island.