Bench to Bedside

Bench to Bedside

Bench to Bedside tells the inspirational stories of people and animals living with serious illnesses and the incredible biomedical research that could save their lives.
12 Episodes
Bench to Bedside - Dakota's Brain

Dakota's Brain

A revolutionary brain tumour vaccine is keeping dogs with brain cancer alive and could one day do the same for people with fatal brain tumours.
Bench to Bedside - Laura's Story

Laura's Story

Learn how groundbreaking research could one day lead to a cure for millions of people with diabetes.
Bench to Bedside - Keaton and Riley

Keaton and Riley

Keaton and Riley are children living with a fatal neuro-degenerative disease that causes the nervous system to shut down. See how scientists are joining forces to find a cure for Niemann-Pick Type C disease.
Bench to Bedside - Herding for a Cure

Herding for a Cure

Young Asian elephants can contract a deadly virus, called EEHV, which can kill them within 24 hours. New research is not only helping baby elephants in zoos, but also endangered Asian elephants in the wild.
Bench to Bedside - Liviya's Story

Liviya's Story

What causes a six-year-old girl's body to start attacking itself out of the blue? That question and more are raised in this true account of a girl battling a rare and potentially fatal blood disease called aplastic anemia.
Bench to Bedside - Emma's Story

Emma's Story

A scientist spends her entire career working to cure fatal lung diseases, only to find her own seven-year-old daughter is diagnosed with one of the deadliest lung diseases imaginable.
Bench to Bedside - Dylan's Gift

Dylan's Gift

When their son's life is tragically cut short by a deadly brain tumour, Danah and John Jewett donate his tumour to research. See how this generous gift is helping scientists find a cure for other children with deadly brain cancer.
Bench to Bedside - Janne's Next Step

Janne's Next Step

Janne Kouri suffered a tragic diving accident that made him a quadriplegic. See how a research breakthrough called Locomotor Training has helped Janne and other people living with paralysis regain function in their limbs.
Bench to Bedside - Jen's Story

Jen's Story

Jen is a biomedical researcher, who specialises in breast cancer, but she's now battling the disease herself - for a second time. See how new research could help Jen and millions of other women facing this devastating cancer.
Bench to Bedside - Robert David Hall

Robert David Hall

You may know him as Dr. Albert Robbins, the coroner from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. But did you know Robert David Hall has been living as a double-amputee for more than 30 years?
Bench to Bedside - David's Story

David's Story

Star quarterback David Wilganowski suffered a cardiac arrest on the field and nearly died. Despite his miraculous survival, a mysterious diagnosis forces him to the sidelines.
Bench to Bedside - Toby's Story

Toby's Story

Toby's Story is a spectacular account of a young musician living with a spinal cord injury. See how scientists are developing incredible treatments to help people like him.