Devil Island

Devil Island

A group of Tasmanian Devils are hauled from the safety of captivity and released into the wilds of a remote island. If they can fend for themselves they might just save their entire species from extinction.
6 Episodes
Devil Island - Devil 'D' Day

Devil 'D' Day

Tasmanian devils Reba, Remmy and Ruben must undergo personality tests and boot camp. The final squad is chosen and then released - on remote Maria Island.
Devil Island - Manny Goes Missing

Manny Goes Missing

It's the breeding season but four months after releasing 15 Tasmanian devils on remote Maria Island, the scientists are worried. Manny the male who loves exploring is missing.
Devil Island - Devil Dynasty

Devil Dynasty

It's been five months since their release and the future looks bright for the 14 surviving disease free Tasmanian devils on Maria Island as all eight females prepare to have joeys.
Devil Island - Meet the Neighbours

Meet the Neighbours

As the newly released Tasmanian devils explore their new home on Maria Island, the hand-reared predators find the going tough and must dig deep to find the wild animal within.
Devil Island - Summer on Devil Island

Summer on Devil Island

Three months after the release, the Tasmanian devils face the challenge of their lives with an influx of tourists and a record-breaking heatwave.
Devil Island - Mission Maria Island

Mission Maria Island

Three Tasmanian devil joeys, Reba, Remmy and Ruben, prepare to leave life in captivity for an adventure into the wild that may hold the key to the survival of their species.