The War To End War

The War To End War

10 Episodes
The War To End War - Changing Tide

Changing Tide

After the death of US citizens, and news that Germany was trying to entice Mexico and Japan into attacking the US, President Wilson reluctantly decided he had to go to war.
The War To End War - Distant Fronts

Distant Fronts

This was a world war and the fighting was not limited to the eastern and western fronts.
The War To End War - With Flags Waving

With Flags Waving

In the spring of 1914, war in Europe was not feared. But within four months the worst military slaughter in history would begin using new, devastating weapons of war.
The War To End War - Flyboys


At the outbreak of war in Europe, aircraft did not factor into the plans of the opposing sides.
The War To End War - Battle of the Frontiers

Battle of the Frontiers

It was Austria's quarrel, but it was Germany's war. At 5am on the 4th of August, Germany crossed into neutral Belgium as demanded by the Schlieffen Plan.
The War To End War - War of Chemicals, Engineering

War of Chemicals, Engineering

The British Expeditionary Force, after a wretched winter in the trenches, was in no state to support a French offensive till the early spring of 1915.
The War To End War - End Game

End Game

In the final stages of the Great War desperate battles were fought both on the field and between the civilian and military forces on how to end the conflict.
The War To End War - Taxis of the Marne

Taxis of the Marne

The German plan for World War I was predicated on the idea that it would take forty days for the Russian army to mobilise.
The War To End War - Citadel


At the start of 1916 the German strategic situation had stabilised. But the German general staff were no closer to achieving the objectives they had set themselves in 1914.
The War To End War - Revolt


As the war effort continued to drain the Russian economy the people took matters into their own hands in one of the defining moments of the 20th Century, the Russian Revolution.