Out In The Cold

Out In The Cold

When it's -37 Celsius outside and the wind is howling, most of us would do anything to avoid leaving our cozy homes and going to work. But for a handful of individuals living in the extremes of the Arctic, going out in those conditions is their work.
Out In The Cold - Cold Wheels

Cold Wheels

Barry Kennedy is about to do something that no sane driving instructor would ever advise... jumping on the brakes at high speed on sheer glare ice.
Out In The Cold - Wildlife Vet

Wildlife Vet

Barry Kennedy gets his hands dirty (really dirty) when he assists Dr. Michelle Oakley as she does a full bison autopsy out in the wild. Watch them meet the challenges of handling big game and big chills at the same time.
Out In The Cold - Ice Pilots

Ice Pilots

Barry Kennedy heads north with the bush pilots whose skill and fearlessness makes survival possible for countless others living in the remote north. Landing on frozen lakes and rivers, pilots fly in supplies and fly out the injured.
Out In The Cold - Iceberg Cowboys

Iceberg Cowboys

Barry Kennedy travels to the remote reaches of Newfoundland's Iceberg Alley and goes on a hunt with a very special group of mariners known as Iceberg Cowboys.
Out In The Cold - Dog Musher

Dog Musher

We go to the dogs when we visit Frank Turner of Muktuk Adventures to learn what dog mushing is all about. In addition to the dog mushing, Barry gets a taste of what it's like to care for over 100 irrepressible snow-loving sled dogs.
Out In The Cold - Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel

It's like the biggest snow fort you ever built! We join Barry and the Ice Hotel crew in Quebec as they construct this architectural wonder out of nothing but frozen H2O. The team must work night and day to get ready for the grand opening!
Out In The Cold - Cleared For Take Off

Cleared For Take Off

Just getting airborne during a Canadian winter requires Herculean amount of effort on the ground. In this episodes host Barry Kennedy shows us what it's like to keep the airports big and small operating during the dead of winter.
Out In The Cold - Weather Report - North Of 80!

Weather Report - North Of 80!

Barry Kennedy flies into the weather station and research centre in Eureka on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic. It's an isolated outpost that's home to the 'frozen chosen' who make this the world's northern-most climate research facility.
Out In The Cold - Avalanche Busters

Avalanche Busters

Barry Kennedy is in one of the most Avalanche prone spots on earth -the Canadian Rockies. Working with Avalanche Busters he'll be helping to neutralize the threat of about 1.5 million avalanches a yer!
Out In The Cold - Arctic Survival

Arctic Survival

Barry Kennedy goes to Arctic survival school along with some Inuit Air pilots and flight attendants to learn how to what it takes to survive if it all goes terribly wrong and you find yourself stranded in this inhospitable land.