An intimate portrait of the UFC athlete who fought his way from poverty to the top of the world.
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Nazi Hunters - The Killing of Reinhard Heydrich

The Killing of Reinhard Heydrich

The story of Nazi general Reinhard Heydrich, who chaired the infamous Wannsee Conference (which approved the Final Solution). He died in 1942 of injuries from an ambush near Prague.
Secret Lives of Women - Fetishes


These sexual fetishes will shock even the most sexually experimental types. Meet Meghan, who likes to get trussed up like a turkey or hogtied like a suckling pig, and Rebecca, who enjoys pony games - all in the name of foreplay.
Secret Lives of Women - Married to Crossdressers

Married to Crossdressers

Ever wonder why some men have the desire to dress in women's clothes? Is this a trait they're born with, or does it develop over time? Go behind the scenes of two ordinary couples who share the same secret: their husbands are cross dressers.
Great Crimes and Trials - The BTK Killer

The BTK Killer

In June 2005, Dennis Lynn Rader appears in court. He works as an enforcement officer for the local authority, is a boy-scout leader and a prominent member of the Lutheran church. Then he's accused of the brutal murder of 10 people.
Secret Lives of Women - Transsexuals


Chris Blehar, 49, is ready to undergo the ultimate transformation: from man into woman through sexual reassignment surgery.
Great Crimes and Trials - The Case of Amanda Knox

The Case of Amanda Knox

When a British student is found murdered in Italy, Police turn their attention to her housemate and her boyfriend in a trial that gripped the world.
Great Crimes and Trials - A Very Dangerous Game

A Very Dangerous Game

Rising NFL star Rae Carruth's girlfriend is shot in a drive-by shooting and implicates him before dying. Rae goes on the run and search is launched.
Secret Lives of Women - Extreme Plastic Surgery

Extreme Plastic Surgery

Being the wife of a politician is a high profile job. Throw in five children and you have one very busy woman. But Alison is on a quest to regain her youth and is preparing for her fifth round of plastic surgery.
Punching the Clown

Punching the Clown

This uproarious and smart new comedy tells the story of Henry Phillips, a hapless modern day troubadour who grinds his way through the heartland, living out of his car and singing his twisted satirical songs to anyone who will listen.
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

An up-close-and-personal look at America's sweetheart Taylor Swift.
Great Crimes and Trials - Death of a Mail Order Bride

Death of a Mail Order Bride

A devoted mother Nina Sharanova, disappears in mysterious circumstances in Oakland, California. The last time she's seen alive is just before she drops off her children at the home of her ex-husband, Hans Reiser. Police suspect he may be involved.
Secret Lives of Women - Late in Life Lesbians

Late in Life Lesbians

Three women, three wives, three mothers, they were each living out the American dream, until they realized they were living a lie. How some womenhave to keep their secret for fear of breaking their family apart.
Secret Lives of Women - Groupies


There's nothing like music to stir the body, the mind, and the soul. But for some women listening to music isn't enough. And as long as there have been musicians, there have been women that will do anything to be with them.
Great Crimes and Trials - Murder on Cape Cod

Murder on Cape Cod

Cape Cod, is a place where people go to escape the grind of city life. Few could imagine anything really horrible happening in such an idyllic place. However, on January 26, 2002, perceptions are drastically altered.
Secret Lives of Women - Women of Erotica

Women of Erotica

Women are blazing their trails to the top of the adult film industry. Sky Blue has directed hundreds of films and is respected by performers throughout the industry.
Secret Lives of Women - Mistresses


Ever wondered what it would be like to have an illicit affair? Meet Tania. A former bodybuilder, turned interior designer, Tania has always had trouble with men. Now she's met Steven, who is everything she wants. The problem? He's married.
Secret Lives of Women - Open Relationships

Open Relationships

Christa has been married to Ken for eight years. The first few were monogamous, but one eye-opening evening with her husband and another woman led to a revelation: she likes women and doesn't mind sharing her husband with them.
Nazi Hunters - The Monster and the Butcher

The Monster and the Butcher

The search for Klaus Barbie, aka the Butcher of Lyon, who was responsible for the deaths of some 4000 French men and women. Also: the hunt for a death-camp guard known as Ivan the Terrible.
Nazi Hunters - Who Killed Heinrich Himmler?

Who Killed Heinrich Himmler?

The finale focuses on SS reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, who was picked up by a British patrol while attempting to make his way to Bavaria following Germany's defeat. He committed suicide the next day.
Secret Lives of Women - Mail Order Brides

Mail Order Brides

Tanya and John run A Foreign Affair, a leading international marriage agency. Tanya says people think that somehow she and her husband are selling women on the internet, but Tanya likes to think of themselves as international matchmakers.
Great Crimes and Trials - The Man Who Ate The Evidence

The Man Who Ate The Evidence

In 1996 a ten year old boy, Zachary Ramsay, disappears on his way to school. The police suspect Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was a known paedophile from Massachusetts but with no hard evidence, they can do nothing.


An intimate portrait of the UFC athlete who fought his way from poverty to the top of the world.
Nazi Hunters - The Jewish Avengers

The Jewish Avengers

The story of the Jewish vigilantes who, after the WWII, tracked down known Nazis and killed them. They also plotted to poison the water supplies of Munich, Berlin, Nuremburg, Hamburg and Weimar


This documentary tells the story of the multi-award winning artist's triumphant journey from poverty and obscurity to becoming a worldwide pop sensation.