Why ANZAC with Sam Neill

Why ANZAC with Sam Neill

Actor Sam Neill unravels the ANZAC century - its tough truths and enduring legends, revealing his own family's involvement in the ANZAC story for the first time.

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Two Men In China - Chengdu


Tim Flannery and John Doyle investigate how Australia's mineral and agricultural wealth is helping to drive the Chinese economy, feeding its people and accelerating the urbanisation of the most populous nation.
Wings At War - Fight for Britain

Fight for Britain

Following the fall of France in June 1940, Britain was all but alone in Europe to carry on the fight against Nazi Germany.
Two Men In China - Shanghai


Tim Flannery and John Doyle meet the usual eclectic group of characters as they burrow beneath the surface of China and the Chinese while asking what does communism in China mean today.
Virgins Wanted - Media Spotlight

Media Spotlight

With the launch of the auction for the virginity of a man and woman, they're thrown into the media spotlight. Their once quiet personal lives begin to transform as they become the most recognised virgins in the world.
Virgins Wanted - Losing Virginity

Losing Virginity

The auction is coming to a close for a man and woman who've decided to sell of their virginity and they're about to face the toughest challenge yet: sex for the first time with a complete stranger.
Virgins Wanted - The Climax

The Climax

The documentary that follows one man and one woman as they auction their first sexual experiences draws to a close, looking at the changes that occur for the individuals once a decision has been made, and acted upon.
Virgins Wanted - Parents React

Parents React

Alex and Catarina's lives begin to change once they inform their parents of their plans to auction their virginity.
Wings At War - Target Germany

Target Germany

In the spring of 1941 most of Europe was under German control. In the West only Britain remained in the fight. But it was largely a fight for survival.
Why ANZAC with Sam Neill

Why ANZAC with Sam Neill

Actor Sam Neill unravels the ANZAC century - its tough truths and enduring legends, revealing his own family's involvement in the ANZAC story for the first time.
Two Men In China - Beijing


From the hi-tech and high speed bullet trains rapidly connecting the nation to the inter city express and metro subways, the train is a modern day symbol of Chinese power, wealth and might - and the ability to just get things done.
Wings At War - Liberation of Europe

Liberation of Europe

For many, the Normandy landings in June 1944 are most associated with the liberation of Europe. But it was almost exactly the year before that parts of mainland Europe began to throw off the Nazi yoke.
Wings At War - The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun

Japan had been at war with China several years before the outbreak of the Second World War. As a result, her war machine was already up to speed as the wider conflict developed.
Utopia Girls

Utopia Girls

Historian-presenter Dr Clare Wright tells the story of the extraordinary women who rose above the hardships and inequalities of late 19th century life to win for Australian women both the right to vote and stand for parliament.
Virgins Wanted - Being Virgins

Being Virgins

Virgins Wanted is an observational documentary that follows one man and one woman as they seek to auction their first sexual experience.
Virgins Wanted - Judgement Day

Judgement Day

A man and woman who've decided to auction their virginity battle with pressure from their families and the harsh judgement from onlookers.
Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me tells the story of three Australian women who have all inherited gene disorder, BRCA 2. This means they have an 80% risk of developing breast cancer and a 60% chance of getting ovarian cancer by the time they reach 50.
Rocket Compulsion

Rocket Compulsion

This is the story of a tenacious Australian jet pilot, David Mayman, as he strives to achieve his childhood dream of building and free-flying his very own Rocket Belt, only to discover he faces a nearly impossible task.
The Mystery Of Remote Ancestors

The Mystery Of Remote Ancestors

This documentary depicts the dramatic discovery of prehistoric civilisations in central China, which has challenged the prevailing archaeological wisdom about the geographical origin of the human species.
Out Of The Ashes

Out Of The Ashes

In February 2009, ferocious bushfires ravaged Victoria. Whole towns, 178 people, vast forests and millions of animals perished. This is the story of how the unique ecosystem of South Eastern Australia both promotes and recovers from fire.
The Party of Reagan

The Party of Reagan

Ronald Reagan was able to turn from celebrity to US President and now Donald Trump wants to do the same - both Republicans and both facing the White House at around 70-years-old. But what was Reagan's lasting impact on American politics?
The Sounds of Aus

The Sounds of Aus

You can't tell an Australian by the way they look, but the minute they open their mouths, the guessing is over. But why do we speak the way we do? Comedian John Clarke attempts to find out.
Miracles - Miracle in the Storm

Miracle in the Storm

In 2007, German paraglider Ewa Wisnierska creates history as she survives one of the most harrowing encounters with the fury of nature's elemental power. She is sucked into a massive thunderstorm and pulled up to 10,000 metres, cruising.
Miracles - Miracle in the Desert

Miracle in the Desert

Robert Bogucki survived 43 days lost in Australia's Great Sandy Desert before being rescued. While police called off the initial search after 15 days, believing him to have perished, family members hired specialist trackers to continue the search.
The BASEClimb 3 Story

The BASEClimb 3 Story

Corporate executive Heather Swan fell so in love with world-renowned adventurer Dr Glenn Singleman, that she decided to undergo a physical and emotional transformation culminating in a world record wingsuit BASEjump from the world's highest cliff.